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Byron Jarrett Vicki Marteney & Dale Marteney Bettie Jarrett Mark Hendrix

Founder Financial Director & President Food Services Facilities Director
Byron Jarrett Vicki Marteney & Dale Marteney Bettie Jarrett Mark Hendrix


AUTUMN LEAGUE STARTS: October 23, 2018.

The Oviedo Horseshoe Club will conduct singles league play once or twice each week all year long, except for the months of July, August, and September, at Boston Hill Park. Initially league play will begin on TUESDAYS AT 6:30 P.M. If participants request it, league play will also be scheduled on SUNDAYS AT 2:00 P.M. Participants may play at either or both sessions, the results of which are combined to determine each players overall standing.

Pitchers who choose to play will be divided into groups of three or five players. The combinations change at each session. Each player then pitches 4 games of 40 shoes per game against other members of that group. Players take turns keeping score for others in the group.

The “count-all” scoring system is used. Ringers and points scored by each player are counted. There is no cancellation. If each pitcher has a ringer and one of them also has a shoe in count (within 6 inches of the peg), the score for that pitch would be 4 to 3. The game continues until each player has thrown 40 shoes and the points are added up to determine the raw score. Then the handicaps are added to each players score to determine the winner for the game.

The first time a person pitches in league play, they start without a handicap. At the end of the day’s play a handicap is calculated based on the day’s results and applied to the person’s raw scores to determine the games won and lost. Handicap is calculated by subtracting each game’s raw score from 120 and multiplying the difference by 0.9. All data from league play is entered into a computer program and new handicaps and ringer averages are calculated after each session.

The cost to pitch in the league is $3.00 per session. However, at the end of the season, every pitcher gets back $1.00 for each game they won and $0.50 for each tied game. This occurs twice each year as there are 2 league seasons. In addition to regular play, there is a special tournament held at the end of each of the two seasons to determine the champion for that period. On that day free food and beverages are furnished for all players, paid for by the season’s profits.

As an incentive to newcomers, the club allows a person to participate one time free of charge without obtaining the requisite membership in a sanctioned horseshoe club. Call one of the following club officers or simply show up at the courts at Boston Hill Park 30 minutes before the scheduled start time for the league.

President, Dale Marteney 321-297-1802
Vice President, TBD
Tournament Director, Marcela Santoyo 407-399-4908
League Director & Financial Director, Vicki Marteney, 321-297-1802
Facilities Director, Mark Hendrix 407-621-1417


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  • Mar. 02, 2019 Oviedo Open #3 RESULTS


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